Telecom Tower Terminology: Guyed Tower, Guy Wire

I recall the first time I encountered tower terminology when pricing out attachment rates.  At first, I thought I must have misheard the term “guy wire.” Of course, I already thought I was dealing with a “guide tower,” so what did I know?

Well, this blog post on the Launch 3 Telecom site entitled “What is a Guyed Tower?” tells you a little bit about guyed towers and guy wires (before it morphs into a Launch 3 Telecom advertisement).

Anyway, now you’ll now what guyed towers and guy wires are (and how to spell them), you’ll have to find other terminology to trip you up.


About Geoff Wilbur

I've spent more than 20 years in the telecom and high tech industries. I'm an "analytical guru, seer of trends and opportunities." In other words, I've been a telco cost/economic/financial analyst. I've also been an industry analyst who has written reports covering several market segments, including some key markets when they were in their early stages (such as fiber-to-the-home). I was also a widely published music journalist 1989-2003. I have been on hiatus ever since... until Fall 2015 with the launch of Geoff Wilbur's Music Blog.

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