Verizon Wireless Customer Service’s Twitter Save

For a few minutes, there was a post here on the blog complaining about Verizon Wireless customer service difficulties. Then my Tweet was responded to by Verizon customer service, so I took the post down – I reclassified the post from “posted” to “pending” – while I exchanged private messages on Twitter with Verizon’s customer service account. Very quickly and courteously, my problem was completely and satisfactorily resolved.

So the initial post detailing Verizon Wireless’ failings has been replaced with this post. When in-person customer service makes a mistake and over-the-phone customer services claims an inability to fix it, indeed, monitoring social media and responding quickly is a brand’s last line of defense. Tonight, Verizon Wireless’ last line of defense was up to the task.


About Geoff Wilbur

I've spent more than 20 years in the telecom and high tech industries. I'm an "analytical guru, seer of trends and opportunities." In other words, I've been a telco cost/economic/financial analyst. I've also been an industry analyst who has written reports covering several market segments, including some key markets when they were in their early stages (such as fiber-to-the-home). I was also a widely published music journalist 1989-2003. I have been on hiatus ever since... until Fall 2015 with the launch of Geoff Wilbur's Music Blog.

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